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Autumn Floral Jacket Mens

Men’s Autumn Floral Jacket Review

This casual, floral print jacket is a great fashion statement for any man looking to spruce up their look. It has a structured design that looks great on anyone and will add to almost any outfit.

Top Specs

Variety of Sizing Options

The sizing options for this jacket range from M-6XL. The item also doesn’t go up in price with the larger options which is a huge plus in my option as it can sometimes be frustrating to have to pay more to get your size.

Polyester Lining

This jacket features a polyester lining with a print in cool blue and purple tones. The lining helps to keep the jacket warm, despite it being on the thinner side, and is also comfortable and doesn’t irritate the skin. Using polyester as opposed to other linings also helps keep the price down while still retaining good quality.

Casual Style

The jacket is casual and modern in style. This makes it a versatile option that can be worn in a variety of settings without feeling “overdressed”. The neutral tones also make it a good option to pair with different outfits so this can be an everyday jacket.

Cotton Material

The cotton the main jacket is made out of is comfortable, durable, and high quality. The material makes it a good option when you just need a light jacket and not something more suited to cold weather.


This is a good jacket to have when it’s early spring or fall and it isn’t quite cold enough to need a heavy jacket yet. The jacket is light and won’t bog you down or feel like too much when you’re wearing it.

First Impressions

This jacket is not true to size at all. Nowhere on the site does it say this and the sizing chart seems off. I did end up getting the correct size based on another sizing chart I found from a different online vendor and that jacket fit well. The torso area was baggier but that’s how I like my jackets. I also love the print on the outside of the jacket. A lot of men are turned off by floral prints but this one is more of a neutral, understated one. The base is black and the floral print itself is white and brown. These neutral colors mean you could really wear this jacket with anything you wanted to regardless of what color your outfit was.

The outside of the jacket is a soft, durable cotton, while the inside is lined with polyester. The leather jackets from that brands are too thin, in my opinion, to be a good option for winter or when the weather is particularly cold but I think it would make a nice autumn jacket or good for early spring before it gets too warm. I think this is a great, lightweight option to wear when it’s cold enough to need a jacket but not yet cold enough for a heavy winter one.


  • Good fit (when you have the correct size): Once I figured out the sizing problem and got the correct size, the jacket fits me well in the shoulders and the arms. I also like having baggier jackets so having it baggy in the torso is a plus for me.
  • Great quality: This is a midprice option, as far as jackets are concerned, and I’m extremely impressed with the quality. The stitching looks great and the fabric looks and feels high-quality.
  • Durable: I had no problem wearing this jacket around all day for many days straight and I feel like it will hold up over time. No problems with fraying, popping stitches, or strings coming loose.
  • Neutral print: Some men are wary about prints, especially floral ones, so I think this could be a nice introductory floral print clothing item. This isn’t a big, bold floral print, rather an understated one. It’s neutral and subtle enough that I think it’s worth giving a try even if you don’t think floral prints are for you.


  • Not “true to size”: The sizing chart on the website seems to be a generic one and not based on the actual measurements of these jackets. This is frustrating, in my opinion, as it appears they have many larger sizes but the “6XL” (according to another site where I found a proper sizing chart) is actually an XL/48 in size. I typically wear M or L for jackets but according to the actual size chart, I need a 2XL or 3XL. Keep that in mind when purchasing because you want to make sure you get the right size.
  • Doesn’t breathe well: The polyester lining looks nice and keeps the jacket a bit warmer when the weather is cold but it doesn’t breathe well. Even in colder weather, I found myself having to unzip the jacket to let it air out a little.

Final Verdict

Definitely pay attention to the sizing! Depending on what size you need, you may need to order at least 1-2 sizes larger than you normally would. Unfortunately, this site doesn’t have the correct sizing chart but you can easily find a more accurate one on other websites. Don’t let this put you off, though, as I think this jacket is a great purchase. Once you do figure out the sizing, I think the way the jacket fits is comfortable and flattering so it’s definitely worth a shot.

The floral print is a refreshing change of pace from the solid, dark colors many men’s jackets come in, though it is by no means “loud” or bright and can easily go with whatever clothing you’re wearing on any given day. This is a great option to consider when you need a lightweight, everyday jacket. While it is by no means a winter jacket and it won’t keep you warm once the temperature starts to significantly drop, it is great for a breezy autumn day or a chilly spring night. Even if you’re someone who “doesn’t do prints” or you don’t normally do florals, I’d recommend you give this a try.

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