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Nike Men’s Air Zoom Structure 22 Running Shoe

This is the ideal shoe for a serious runner. Lightweight, comfortable and high-quality stability shoes. They come with supportive Flywire cables and a Dynamic Support sole. Perfect for road running.

Nike Men’s Air Zoom Structure 22 Top Features

  1. Mesh material makes them lightweight and breathable, plus well-ventilated for hot or rainy conditions.
  2. Flywire cables to provide stability in the upper foothold your foot securely in place with every step without feeling too stiff or heavy.
  3. Dynamic Support sole designed to stabilize and cushion every part of your foot equally, lowering the impact of running on pavement.
  4. Zoom Air unit in the forefoot of the shoe provides cushioning that is responsive to your strides.
  5. Partial bootie for a tight fit, but still easy to put on and take off.
  6. Classic Nike look with solid color stripe in the heel, available in multiple colors.

First Impression

I purchased the Zoom Structures because I was looking for a more comfortable and according to, it was the best option on the market. I wanted a low-impact running shoe that wasn’t going to completely break the bank. I enjoyed them after the first use. As I have flat feet, running on pavement can be hard on my body, but these shoes provided just the right amount of cushion. It’s a stability shoe, meaning it is designed to hold your foot in place and support you while you run without weighing you down – and does its job well. Flywire cables in the upper keep your foot secure with every step. They did not take long to break in and were comfortable after the first run.

Visually, these are great running shoes. Not only are they comfortable, but they have a classic, simple look, with just a little flash of color in the heel. I feel fine wearing them around even when I am not on a run.

My only immediate issue was with the sole of the shoe. The heel feels a bit stiffer than the rest of the sole, even after I fully broke them in. That provides some imbalance while running, which has been tough to get used to, especially on longer distances. However, it has not caused any serious discomfort – more of just a mild irritation.


  • Comfortable, snug fit
  • Visually appealing – simple with just the right amount of flash
  • Notches in the tongue make it easy to slide on and off without much tightening and loosening
  • Lightweight but still supportive
  • Great for hard pavement and road running
  • Good for all weather conditions


  • The sole can feel a little imbalance – stiffer in the heel than toe
  • Lightweight runners are not great for trail or terrain running, will perform best with road running
  • Flywire lacing system is harder to spot-adjust tightness on your foot

The Final Verdict

In the end, the Zoom Structures are a classic Nike runner. Fans of Nike will love these shoes. They are supportive, lightweight and comfortable, easy to wear and look great.

I would highly recommend the Zoom Structures if you have worn and enjoyed Nike running shoes in the past. That said, there are some issues with it that are common in Nikes – mainly to do with the Dynamic Support sole. There is some imbalance in the sole that can throw you off, if you are not used to it. It never caused me any serious discomfort, though, and after running in the Zoom Structures for a while, I don’t really notice it anymore.

The Flywire technology is great for keeping the shoe snug and supportive, but it is a lot more difficult to adjust than other lacing systems. If you like to tighten your midfoot more than your upper, or vice versa, you might have some issues with this shoe.

I was sold on these shoes mainly for the comfort and the look of them. They are middle price-range running shoes, and great quality for the cost – I would say they outperform most other models in their same price range. Any issues I had with these shoes were minor compared to the problems I found in other, similar brands. All-in-all I would recommend them, especially for anyone who has favored Nike running shoes in the past.

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